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About Us.

About Us

Since 2011

| Who Are Pink Desk Studio?

In short, we are a St Albans based web design company, but we offer much more than just web design. Our backgrounds and experience has given us a combined comprehensive skillset, not only in bespoke web design, but also in service & maintenance, photography, classroom and online training, IT support, audio visual work and digital presentations. This broad-ranging experience means we are equipped to handle pretty much anything that comes our way.

We create brand new websites, refresh existing websites and provide training, ongoing support and website maintenance. Our clients include entrepreneurs, small businesses, charities, schools and other educational establishments. Most of these clients are local which gives us a strong personal connection to them and the community.

Our client base is small. This is through choice. We don’t take on more work than we can comfortably manage to the high standards we set ourselves. It also gives us the breathing space to react quickly if a client has a problem.

Running a business is hard enough on its own without having to worry about your website. We work hard to build trust and solid, long-term relationships with our clients by exceeding expectations. Our aim is to keep things simple to reduce the stress of managing your website and allowing you more time concentrate on your actual business.

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| Our Design Philosophy

To us, web design isn’t all about how it looks. Websites can be enhanced with design features such as scroll effects and animations but if overused they can distract attention away from important content. We design by applying different amounts of aesthetic, usability and manageability elements, that are appropriate to the type of website we are building.


It’s pretty much a given that a website should be pleasing on the eye but good website design doesn’t just mean using fancy visuals. For a website to be effective there has to be a good balance between aesthetics and functionality in the design.

Good use of colour, fonts and high quality images complemented by subtle use of animations, hover and scroll effects will help to attract attention. But design principles such as hierarchy, alignment, contrast and proximity can be used to not only direct attention but also allow relevant information to be found quickly and digested easily.


This is an extremely important principle that is often overlooked in website design.

When creating a website we use Steve Krug’s first law of usability:


This means that, where possible, to anyone viewing a web page, it should be obvious what to do and where things are. We achieve this by using common website conventions, breaking up pages into clearly defined sections, formatting to make scanning easier and reducing visual noise.


We think it’s important that clients should feel confident about managing their own website content. It means they have a greater degree of control and has the added advantage of being more cost effective.

As such we believe that simplicity is key. When designing we don’t use lots of complicated code to display content. This makes it much easier for changes to be made without having to pay someone else to do it.

Note that when handing over a website, we provide hands-on training and documentation to clients giving them the basic tools to manage their own site contents.