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| What have we done?

In a nutshell, website design is about problem solving – how best to design a professional looking website that effectively promotes your brand and services online. You may have written your content, created your logo and taken lots of high quality images but what is the best way to assemble these elements on a webpage in such a way that it is engaging and informative, easy to interact with and allows people to find what they’re looking for without much effort? This is where we come in.

We take the time to understand your requirements and work with you to create a great looking website that is easy to use and easy to manage. This close collaboration ensures that you are happy with the end result and that it ticks all your boxes for your online web presence.

We’re proud of the fact that most of our work comes in via word of mouth or are repeat requests from existing clients as this means we must be doing something right.

Below are a few examples of the projects we have completed to give you a flavour of our thought processes behind why and how we have implemented design ideas to display content on some of the websites we have built.

| Featured Projects

Camp Primary School

Project Overview

This project was to refresh an existing website for a local primary and nursery school. The main criteria was that it had to be simple for parents to use and for staff to keep up to date. School websites are primarily information based, so a greater emphasis was placed on site navigation and usability. It was important to ensure that busy parents using the site could find what they were looking for quickly.

We were invited in to take photos to use on the website with the brief being to reflect the friendly and welcoming nature of the school.

Once the website was built, training was provided for 3 members of staff who are able to update the page contents.

Ongoing support and development is provided by Pink Desk Studio.

Camp School Homepage Screenshot

Oaklands Wolves Academies

Oaklands Wolves Homepage Screenshot

Project Overview

The Oaklands Wolves Academies are part of Oaklands College offering further education to 7,500 students. Although the Sports Academy programmes run alongside the main courses at Oaklands College, they wanted their own website which would link directly from the main college website and allow them to have more control over management of their content and style.

The brief was for a bold ‘American College’ look and feel to their website to complement their branding.

Training and documentation was provided to members of the marketing team who are able to make changes to content when required.

Ongoing support and development is provided by Pink Desk Studio.

Awesome Engineers

Awesome Engineers Homepage Screenshot

Project Overview

Awesome Engineers Ltd run workshops and centres, supporting the education of STEM subjects through LEGO® model making programmes in line with the school curriculum. We worked with them to create a website which captured and organised all the activities and events they offer.

We used content and graphics supplied by Awesome Engineers but also created some of the promotional video content for them to use.

The website was designed to be scalable in line with projected business growth so that additional pages for new centres and workshops can be easily added as and when they come online.

In addition to providing Awesome Engineers with ongoing website service and maintenance we have also helped them with a number of other projects including Facebook marketing and recruitment campaigns and research into eLearning and Learning Management Systems as well as Dropbox use within the company.

Garden Fields School

Project Overview

We started working with Garden Fields School in 2011. Their website at the time was difficult to update and maintain. We worked closely with the school to determine how they wanted to organise their content and we made recommendations on the look and feel in keeping with their branding. The new website was designed in WordPress and training was provided to allow the office staff to make changes to content with Pink Desk Studio providing ongoing support and maintenance.

We have a great working relationship with Garden Fields School and, to respond to the rapid growth in site traffic over the years, have completed several website updates and re-designs to make improvements, to keep the website looking fresh and to provide the tools needed for timely communication with parents. Their current website went live in 2021 in line with the school joining the Alban Academies Trust.

We were invited in to take photographs of the children and staff in the school setting with the pictures being used on all the pages of the site.

Garden Fields School Homepage Screenshot

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