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| What do we do?

If you’re looking for someone to design a brand new website or refresh an existing one, we can help you. If you’re looking for someone to regularly backup, monitor and perform technical updates on your new website, we can help you with that too.

Our aim in all our web design projects is to create great looking professional websites which work well on all device types and that are easy to use and easy to maintain. They are also scalable to allow them to evolve in line with changes that take place in your organisation without the need to be totally redesigned. We collaborate closely with our clients from the outset, listen to what they want to achieve and provide regular updates throughout the entire project. This ensures that the project is kept on track with objectives achieved and deadlines met.

Our aim in all our service and maintenance contracts is to reduce the stresses and strains of owning a website from a technical point of view. There is no escaping the fact that even if content doesn’t change, websites still need regular maintenance to ensure they are in the best of health and completely secure. We can take care of this for you with regular site monitoring, scheduled updates and daily backups.

Below is a detailed breakdown of what we do which should cover most questions you might have. If not then just send us a message from our Contacts page and we’ll be back in touch.

Web Design

Bespoke Design

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We only design bespoke web sites.

Whether you’re after a simple one page personal site, a landing page, a brochure site, a portfolio site, a business site or an educational site, we will design and build it to your specifications.


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We exclusively use WordPress to design websites. WordPress is software which sits on your web host and is the interface which is used to create the site.

WordPress is used by bloggers, entrepreneurs and any size of business and runs approximately 40% of the world’s websites.

Theme Builder

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We add a user-friendly theme builder to WordPress to significantly reduce the learning curve when it comes to making website changes. It is more visual and much easier to learn than ‘raw’ WordPress. This helps with the in-house managability of the website once it has gone live. After a short training session with us, website content changes can be made with ease and confidence

Mobile Friendly

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We design responsive websites. This means that they will look good and work well on different devices and screen sizes whether its a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Social Media Integration

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Social Media can be incorporated into a website in a variety of ways including using buttons and pop-ups inviting site visitors to follow you or your actual social media feeds can be embedded and displayed on the site and set up to update automatically. In this way visitors can see your feeds without needing to leaving your website.

Training & Support

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Training is provided as part of any web design project, to help you become familiar with the design interface and give you the confidence to make content changes from day one. This can take place onsite or remotely. Additionally we will provide documentation to refer back to, covering what you will need to know to get started.

We won’t abandon you after your website has gone live. We provide free support for one month after the go live date to allow you time to ask questions which arise as you are getting familiar with your new site.

The majority of our clients take out a service and maintenance contract with us which gives them peace of mind going forward.

SEO & Data Analytics

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We ensure that basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is applied to websites we build. This improves the visibility of the site when people perform web searches using terms associated with your business.

We also connect the site to Google Analytics which will help you view data related to your website traffic and activity over time such as number of page views, page popularity and which devices people are viewing your site on. This information can be used to see how your site is performing and as a basis for marketing campaigns.


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No two websites are the same. For example, a one page brochure style site with multiple images may have more complex, time consuming design requirements than a multi-page text based site. Additionally there may be greater or lesser background technical challenges involved in the initial set up and publishing of the live site. As such we price each project individually according to its overall requirements.

As an indicator our prices start at £499 for a small website with relatively simple design requirements.

Service & Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

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It is important that website software is monitored and managed regularly due to software developers releasing updates to fix bugs and improve performance and security. Additionally content should be updated and checked for broken links, typos and inconsistencies in layout, styles and fonts to keep the site looking fresh, maintain site usability and improve SEO.

We can provide scheduled maintenance at regular intervals to ensure your site is up to date and running smoothly at all times. After the maintenance work is completed we follow up with a report explaining what we have done, highlight any problems that need attention and suggest potential website improvements.

Software Updates

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During the scheduled maintenance, any updates to the WordPress core software, theme builder and plugins will be applied and the website checked to ensure it is fully functional

Daily Backups

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The website is backed up daily on multiple BlogVault and Amazon S3 servers. Copies of the last 90 days are stored and can be used to quickly restore the website to a former state if, for example, it has been hacked, suffers a ransomware attack or there is accidental content deletion.

Additionally we perform test-restores during scheduled maintenance

Content Updates

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Most of our service and maintenance contracts include a set number of hours worth of content updates. This means that you just supply us with the new content or instructions on content ammendments and we update the website and check it afterwards on all device types

Email & Phone Support

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We provide technical support via email and phone. Our standard response time is to reply within 24 hours but we can also tailor support to meet your specific needs.

Website Review

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During scheduled maintenance we will fix any minor issues such as typos and inconsistent formating and also highlight any technical or major content issues which need addressing. In addition to this we will review your site and, if appropriate, suggest potentially better ways to display content to provide your website viewers with a better user experience.

Additional Work

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We can support you with any technical requirements, outside the scope of the service and maintenance contract, as separate chargeable projects. This may included work such as major content changes, page redesigns, whole site refreshes or adding new features.


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Different organisations have differring needs depending on factors such as the level of importance of the website uptime to their business and whether they have the personnel to manage their site themselves.

Annual prices for service and maintenance are based on the size and complexity of the website along with frequency of scheduled checks and how many content updates are included.

As an indicator we start with a site back up only service at £99 pa. This includes a daily back up of the site kept for 90 days, an annual test-restore and notification of any site problems. Prices increase accordingly with the addition of regular scheduled checks, updates to core software, theme and plugins, content updates and site reviews and recommendations.

| Our Web Design Process

We enjoy a collaborative approach with our clients when creating websites and our goal is simple – to design and build a website which clients are happy with and enhances their online presence.

Step 1 Initial Discussion

This is to help us get a better understanding of your requirements.
For example;

  • The purpose of the website
  • The content you want to display
  • Preferences towards look and feel including other websites or website features you like (or dislike), colours, logos, images and branding
  • Information about your web hosting and domain name holding company
  • Preferred timescales.
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Step 2 Initial Design

Once the parameters of the project have been agreed and scheduled in, the initial design work can begin.

Based on the initial discussion, we typically create a mock up of the Homepage plus one other subpage for you to review.

Taking into account any feedback you have at this stage we continue to design and build the rest of the site.

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Step 3  Design Completion

When the first draft of the full website is complete we will talk you through the features and design elements of each page.

Based on your feedback we will make further revisions and refinements to the site.

Final checks will be make to ensure the site is fully responsive so that it displays and works correctly on all device types.

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Step 4 Go Live!

After the final website design is signed off we will schedule in training and agree a ‘Go Live’ date.

On the Go Live date the site will be published live and futher checks made to ensure it is fully functional.

We will back up your new site daily and be on-hand to field any support questions for one month after the go live date.